The Mackenzie King Estate has several historical buildings, including cottages, garages, a boathouse and a pumping station. The NCC ensures that these buildings are regularly maintained in order to maximize their service life for current and future generations.

About the project

The work will include improvements to the garage, main building (Moorside cottage) and washroom facilities.

Process and timeline

2021: Planning and environmental assessment

Summer–fall 2022: Implementation

  • Garage improvements
    • Removal of trees near the garage to resolve drainage problems
    • Partial replacement of exterior cladding
    • Roof replacement
    • Door and window repairs
  • Washroom improvements
    • Changes to the exterior cladding
    • Painting
    • Accessibility improvements
    • Electrical work
  • Main building improvements
    • Improvement of drainage around the exterior verandah

About the Mackenzie King Estate

In the heart of Gatineau Park’s Chelsea sector, the Mackenzie King Estate is a site that is rich in history. This country estate is the precious legacy of former prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, who owned the property for close to 50 years.