The construction of a grade-separated crossing below Bank Street, adjacent to the abutment along the eastern shore of the Rideau River, has greatly increased pedestrian and cyclist safety. The design also minimized the impact to the Rideau River and the surrounding embankment.

About the project

The project included the following:

  • Three-metre-wide concrete multi-use pathway below the two-year high-water mark
  • Three-metre-wide asphalt multi-use pathway above the two-year high-water mark
  • New tie-in points to the existing multi-use pathway on Riverside Drive
  • Concrete block retaining walls with limestone face texture
  • Pedestrian handrail along the full length of the retaining wall

As the Rideau River is prone to periodic flooding, the grade-separated pathway will, on occasion, need to be closed temporarily. During such flooding events, cyclists and pedestrians will be able to approach Bank Street via the multi-use pathway and cross at the signalized intersection.


The construction work, which began in fall 2018, is now complete.

Completed project
Completed project