Trail Length  Trail Type  Level of Difficulty
4.4 kmLoopEasy

The Pine Grove sector offers 18.4 kilometres of trails. This large, forested area is also home to a variety of native trees, as well as tree plantations. Pine Grove Forest is an important plant and wildlife habitat. On the interpretation trail, users can discover more about the trees of the region.

Recommended activities

  • Hiking
    • Free. Year-round.
  • Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing
    • Free. December to March, conditions permitting.
  • Interpretive walks
    • Trail 43 has interpretation panels on forest management and how to identify various tree species.
  • Photography
  • Plant and wildlife observation
    • The red pine plantation from the 1950s today attracts red-breasted nuthatches, pine warblers and pine siskins.
    • The poorly drained area at the centre of the trail loop has a wetland with marsh plants, which attracts beavers and muskrats.

Trail code of ethics

Rules have been established to ensure that everyone can enjoy the area, today and in the future. Learn more here.