Three beaches in Gatineau Park and one beach in Gatineau are appropriate for group outings:

The beaches at Meech Lake are small and cannot accommodate groups. Also, bus access to Blanchet Beach is not permitted by the Municipality of Chelsea.

Plan your visit to the beach

Are you planning a group outing to one of our beaches? Contact us. Registering your visit and contact information will help us to better prepare in terms of staffing needs. We can also contact you in the event of a planned beach closure.

No reservations

Beaches and parking spaces cannot be reserved for groups. Beaches are public places, and other people may be present on the day of your outing.

Water quality

The NCC has bacteriological water quality testing done every two weeks during swimming season. Before setting out, check the swimming water quality.

Water safety

Lifeguards are on duty at Gatineau Park beaches from 10 am to 6 pm (and until 7 pm at Leamy Lake), from mid-June early September.

Group leaders are responsible for supervising the children in their care, at all times, in the water and while outdoors. Plan to have a safe adult/child ratio.

  • Do not swim unless lifeguards are on duty.
  • Remain within the swimming area marked by buoys, at all times.

Parking fees

Daily parking fees are payable on-site (only). Take a ticket on entering the parking lot. Payment is made at the vehicle exit gate. Credit cards, debit cards and cash are the accepted methods of payment at Philippe, La Pêche and Leamy lakes.

Parking rates