Project 6: Reimagined Confederation Boulevard and its connections

Reimagined Confederation Boulevard and its connections

The NCC and federal departments will work with municipal partners to reimagine Wellington Street and create a compelling and unified sequence of public spaces that will connect the shoreline adjacent to the Supreme Court of Canada to Confederation Boulevard. This high-profile processional segment of Confederation Boulevard faces the most prominent of our national symbols. The objective of this effort will be to improve the pedestrian realm, security and access to public transit; provide for separated cycling facilities; and maintain the Boulevard’s prime ceremonial and symbolic function. Enhancements by the NCC and its partners will upgrade streetscapes and increase the vitality of the streets connecting Confederation Boulevard and adjoining federal lands to the adjacent municipal fabric, including Sparks and Metcalfe streets and Laurier Avenue in Ottawa, Laurier Street and its surroundings in Gatineau, and along the Chaudières Bridge.