Canada’s Capital is a national symbol that embodies the traditions and values that unite Canadians. It rightfully honours those who have contributed to the building of our nation and celebrates our greatest achievements. As the Capital evolves, it must continue to reflect our growth and diversity as a nation.

The bicentennial of Canadian Confederation in 2067 will mark an important milestone in Canada’s history. As Canadians look toward it, they aspire to see our national legacy preserved and enriched in their capital. It must continue to represent our shared values, include the Indigenous peoples of Canada and demonstrate a broad diversity of cultures.

The Plan for Canada’s Capital outlines a clearly defined framework to achieve this. It is a blueprint for the evolution of federal lands in the region that protects and carries forward the legacy of past plans and Capital-building projects for future generations of Canadians. It builds upon these seminal plans that shaped the physical form of the Capital, conserving a dramatic natural context and forging a distinct signature.