Diplomatic Missions

Canada’s Capital is open to the world. Increasingly, it hosts major events of international stature, further raising its profile on the world stage, adding to Canada’s influence in world affairs. The Capital is a place to promote trade, cultural exchange and mutual understanding with foreign governments. Diplomatic missions provide essential services to Canadians who wish to visit, trade with or maintain ties with other countries.

Diplomatic missions, including embassies, high commissions, chancelleries and diplomatic residences, are interwoven into the fabric of the Capital. Most diplomatic missions are within three kilometres of Parliament Hill and almost half (49 percent) of those located in the Capital are within the Capital’s core area. Other diplomatic missions located within the inner urban area of Ottawa are in central neighbourhoods such as Sandy Hill and Centretown.

In 2067, the international presence will be even more prominent in the Capital, as new settings for diplomatic missions will complement the existing embassies on Confederation Boulevard and its extensions. In addition, better identification of embassies—whether in stand-alone facilities or in office space within mixed-use developments—will make them more easily recognized by visitors. The international presence in the Capital will also be showcased by accommodating international organizations, developing a preferred location plan for foreign missions, and encouraging high-quality international architecture and context-sensitive design.

Key policy directions for the next 50 years

  1. The NCC, in collaboration with Global Affairs Canada and the RCMP, will continue to assist foreign missions to find appropriate spaces to enhance the international dimension of the Capital.
  2. The NCC will maintain an inventory of lands suitable for the
    development of new embassies, and, if required, it could acquire additional lands for this purpose. This exercise will include consultation with the municipalities.