Canadian Diversity and Regional Identity

In 2067, the Capital will reflect the social and cultural diversity of Canada, including its regional identities. Through its built form, it will express the rich identity carved over the centuries by successive waves of immigrants who chose Canada as a place to live. It will embody Canada as a welcoming land, and will foster exchanges and the blending of newcomers and long-established settlers who have created a unique flair in the Capital. Canadians from diverse backgrounds will recognize themselves in the symbols and the democratic, cultural and scientific institutions that define Canada as a land of democracy. The Capital will proudly emphasize the place of the provinces and territories in creating a diverse, inclusive and meaningful Canada.

Key policy directions for the next 50 years

  1. The NCC will foster the representation of diversity in the commemoration and public art programs of Canadian Heritage and other promoters, in consultation with various groups and in collaboration with the municipalities.
  2. The NCC will encourage cultural expressions in architecture and landscaping that reflect the diversity and cosmopolitanism of Canada’s 21st century population.
  3. The provinces and territories will have meeting places in the Capital that represent their contribution to our country and society, and will offer room to express and celebrate our multicultural nation.
  4. The NCC, in collaboration with Canadian Heritage, and in consultation with the municipalities, will develop a plan to guide the location of public art around the National Capital Region that is broadly representative of our national identity. This will include ensuring that there are works of public art, commemorations and plantings that are representative of each province and territory.
  5. The NCC will work with the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport, other airports, VIA Rail Canada and regional bus authorities to ensure that there is a broad representation of Canadian regions at all Capital arrival points.