Dominique Huras

Strategic Communications Advisor

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 7:00 am

Canada’s Capital Region - The tulips are blooming! Early season varieties are now starting to bloom, and most tulips will be at their peak over the next two weeks. With brilliant displays all over the heart of the Capital, they will delight the eyes of residents and visitors. 

As the official gardener of Canada’s Capital, the National Capital Commission (NCC) invites the public to take in the colourful tulip displays throughout the region. This spring, close to one million tulips of 100 varieties, along with thousands of other spring flowers, bring the NCC’s flower beds to life. Follow their progress by checking out our Tulip Bloom Indicator.

"World Friendship" Tulip

In spring 2018, working with the Canadian Tulip Festival's theme "A World of Tulips", the NCC will showcase the "World Friendship" tulip.

An array of dazzling tulips will brighten over 100 flower beds at 30 different sites, such as Parliament Hill, Commissioners Park, Major’s Hill Park and Jacques-Cartier Park, as well as along Confederation Boulevard, the historic Rideau Canal and the Capital’s scenic pathways.

The first tulip beds in the Capital were planted in 1945, when the Netherlands sent 100,000 tulip bulbs as a postwar gift in gratitude for the role that Canadian soldiers had played in the liberation of the Netherlands.

Tulip gardens at Commissioners Park

The most spectacular tulip display can be found in Commissioners Park, by Dows Lake and the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. Close to 250,000 tulips, of 60 different varieties, bloom in the park’s 30 flower beds. Unique designs have been applied by NCC landscape architects to the tulip beds in the park, by combining tulips of different colours and sizes, or pairing them with other spring bulbs to produce a spectacular floral show.

Annuals after tulips

As part of its horticultural program, the NCC plants more than 100,000 annual flowers in the Capital Region’s flower beds, which are in full bloom in late July, August and September. The most colourful gardens can be found at Commissioners Park and Major’s Hill Park, in Ottawa, and Jacques-Cartier Park, in Gatineau.