This evening, Saturday, February 22, at 11 pm, the National Capital Commission (NCC) will close the full length of the Rideau Canal Skateway.

The closure is necessary because warmer temperatures deteriorate the ice surface and make it unsafe.

While this temporary closing will remain until further notice, our monitoring of the ice condition and maintenance operations will continue as long as weather and ice conditions will allow.

The 50th Rideau Canal Skateway season started on Saturday, January 18. So far, the season has provided 31 skating days. The NCC team continues to work hard with a view of re-opening .

WARNING: Snow, freezing rain or water on the ice may hide serious hazards below the ice surface. For this reason, the NCC urges the public to refrain from venturing onto the ice surface of the Rideau Canal Skateway. Please respect the barricades and the signs installed at access points.

Media Information:

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NCC Media Relations
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