On Wednesday morning, February 12, at 8 a.m., the National Capital Commission (NCC) will open two more sections of the Rideau Canal Skateway, bringing the total open length to 7.4 kilometres.

The new sections to be opened include the stretch between the Laurier Avenue bridge and Waverley Street, as well as the portion between Bank Street and Bronson Avenue. The NCC’s Ice Safety Committee has deemed that these additional sections of the Rideau Canal Skateway are safe for skating.

Managed by the NCC since the 1970–1971 season, the Rideau Canal Skateway receives, on average, close to one million visits every year; 21,000 visits each day that it is open.

The 50th Rideau Canal Skateway season started with the opening of the 2.3-kilometre section between Pretoria Bridge and Bank Street on Saturday, January 18. So far, the season has provided 21 beautiful skating days. The NCC team continues to work hard at opening the full length of the Rideau Canal Skateway.


Snow, freezing rain or water on the ice may hide serious hazards below the ice surface. For this reason, the NCC urges the public to refrain from venturing onto the closed section of the Rideau Canal Skateway. Please respect the barricades and the signs installed at access points.

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