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Last updated on: April 8, 2020

The NCC is doing its part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The situation evolves daily and we are working to comply with public health directives from all levels of government, particularly the recommendation that people should avoid all non-essential travel.

We encourage you to enjoy the outdoors close to home — on foot or by bike — rather than driving to a destination further from home.

You can still walk through some of the NCC recreational amenities, but only if:

  • They are NOT listed as closed below
  • You can access them locally
  • You respect public health recommendations, including physical distancing of two metres

You can also walk your dog where permitted, but you must keep your dog on leash at all times. This measure applies to areas normally identified as off-leash dog areas and parks.

Gatherings and loitering are not permitted at any time on NCC recreational amenities.

Gatineau Park

Closed recreational amenities

Gatineau Park is completely closed until further notice.

Parking on roadways within Gatineau Park and on neighbouring roadways is prohibited. Local authorities will be enforcing this restriction.


Closed recreational amenities 

  • All parking lots 
  • Benches, outhouses and picnic areas 
  • Bruce Pit off-leash dog park 

Parking on roadways within the Greenbelt is prohibited. Local authorities will be enforcing this restriction. 

Recreational amenities with limited access 

  • Trails and multi-use pathways 
  • Conroy Pit off-leash dog park (dogs must now be kept on a leash)

NCC Urban Parks and Lands in Ottawa

Closed recreational amenities

  • All parking lots
  • Benches, gazebos, picnic areas and outdoor community gardens 

Recreational amenities with limited access 

  • Trails and multi-use pathways 
  • Off-leash dog areas (dogs must now be kept on a leash) 

NCC Urban Parks and Lands in Gatineau

Closed recreational amenities

  • All parking lots
  • Benches, gazebos, picnic areas and play structures

Recreational amenities with limited access

  • Trails and multi-use pathways


At this time, we are not considering roadway closures to vehicle traffic due to advice from public health agencies, logistical challenges, staffing requirements and the need to ensure continued access for transit and emergency services. 

Based on ongoing public health advice, and in consultation with partner municipalities, the NCC will reassess options for road closures, including Sunday Bikedays.