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Wednesday, June 23
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Documents and summaries

Sustainable Development Strategy

The Board of Directors approved the Sustainable Development Strategy annual report.

The report shows the NCC’s steady advancement, with progress made on 33 of 36 planned actions, including the following:

  • the construction of a new service, maintenance and storage building at Rideau Hall, which will be the Government of Canada’s first zero-carbon building in the region
  • the restoration of 875 metres of shoreline in Ottawa
  • the development of the NCC’s first Forest Strategy to guide the management of forests and trees on NCC-managed lands
  • the development of Bird-Safe Design Guidelines, which provide best practices for building, lighting and landscape design on federal lands in the National Capital Region.

The Sustainable Development Strategy focuses on climate change action, building resilient infrastructure, protecting biodiversity and water quality, promoting sustainable agriculture and safe and healthy communities, and connecting Canadians with nature. Read our news release.

Rehabilitation and modernization of the Ottawa Taxation Campus and Data Centre

The Board of Directors approved Public Services and Procurement Canada’s (PSPC) indicative design for modernization work to be undertaken at Canada Revenue Agency headquarters.

Build in 1970, the campus requires major rehabilitation to meet today’s building code and sustainability standards.

PSPC identified 875 Heron Road as a flagship project to achieve a higher benchmark for sustainability. The design promotes social livability, an improved work environment and sound economic life cycle values.

Energy Services Acquisition Program (ESAP)

The Board of Directors approved Public Services and Procurement Canada’s (PSPC) final design for project components of its Energy Services Acquisition Program. The program will modernize the energy system operated by PSPC that heats and cools over 80 federal buildings in the region. The components of the project are as follows.

  1. Reconstruction of the Cliff Plant: The design proposal includes a stairway and elevator to provide access from the multi-use pathway to the top of the escarpment.
  2. Tunney’s Pasture Plant: The proposed plant is to be partially below grade, with a sloping publicly accessible green roof and garden space.
  3. A new river pump station on the Gatineau shoreline in Jacques-Cartier Park: The pump station will draw river water to serve the new heating and cooling system. The river pump station will be set into the riverbank and will have a green roof.

Official Residences of Canada Asset Portfolio Condition Report 2021

Today, the NCC published an updated report on the condition of Canada’s official residences. The 2021 Official Residences of Canada: Asset Portfolio Condition Report reveals that the overall state of the six residences and their 49 ancillary buildings is continuing to deteriorate, due to years of chronic underfunding.

The report notes that additional capital investment is needed to rehabilitate these culturally and historically significant properties for the benefit of all Canadians. Insufficient funding contributes to increased financial pressure and maintenance costs in the long term.

The Asset Portfolio Condition Report indicates that to properly and effectively manage, maintain and preserve all the official residences going forward, the NCC requires the following:

  • A one-time injection of $17.5 million a year, for 10 years is needed to address the deferred maintenance deficit for all six official residences. This funding would restore the aging portfolio to “good” condition, and ensure compliance with federal accessibility and sustainability legislation.
  • A further $26.1 million is required annually for ongoing maintenance, repairs and renovation projects, in line with Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat standards for real property management, to ensure that the portfolio is maintained in “good” condition.

Alexandra Bridge Replacement

The Board of Directors approved the planning and design principles for the Alexandra Bridge replacement project. The principles are informed by input from several thousand participants in the first phase of public consultations and stakeholder sessions, and were developed in collaboration with the project lead, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC). The principles offer guidance in the areas of planning, heritage protection, urban design and sustainability. They will enable a future designer to develop an iconic proposal reflective of the bridge’s location and significance, while also implementing innovative practices to meet key goals such as low environmental impact.

This project presents a unique opportunity to reimagine this vital connection between Ottawa and Gatineau. The Alexandra Bridge offers one of the region’s most breathtaking views of Parliament Hill and many national symbols.

Several more public consultation events are planned for key stages of the planning and design process. Read our news release.

Interface of proposed Château Laurier Hotel addition with surrounding NCC lands

The Board of Directors approved the design concept for the area between the proposed addition to the Fairmont Château Laurier hotel and the surrounding NCC lands. These lands include Major’s Hill Park, the Rideau Canal Terrace and Mackenzie Avenue / Rideau Street (Confederation Boulevard).

The interface will provide a seamless experience between Major’s Hill Park and the hotel, and will allow for synergies between these two iconic sites. Park users will benefit from amenities such as a café and washrooms, whereas hotel guests and other visitors will enjoy direct access to the park.

Passersby will appreciate the direct crossing between Rideau Street and Major’s Hill Park.

The new grand staircase and courtyard will offer an additional means of access from the lower terrace of the Rideau Canal, to the upper level and Rideau/Wellington streets. The addition includes a public elevator connecting these two levels during business hours.

The detailed design will be considered in fall 2021.