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Report on Activities – June 2020

Here are the highlights presented in my Report on Activities.

Documents and summaries

STO study: Structuring Public Transit System

A presentation was made to the Board of Directors on the Société de transport de l’Outaouais (STO) studyfor a transit system linking Gatineau’s west end with downtown Gatineau and Ottawa.

The study

  • will help to determine the mode (or modes) that would be implemented
  • refine the corridors in the west end of Gatineau (Allumettières and Taché)
  • define the alignment of the future tram / light rail system (which will take the Portage Bridge) into downtown Ottawa (via a tunnel under Sparks Street or a surface route along Wellington Street).

The NCC is in favour of public and active transportation initiatives in the National Capital Region. In evaluating this project, the NCC will have to ensure that the proposed solutions comply with plans governing the use of federal lands.

The sections of the alignment that affect federal lands will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval in October 2020 or January 2021.

Interprovincial Crossings: Refresh of Technical Studes

The Board of Directors has received an overview of the refresh of the 2013 technical studies for a sixth interprovincial crossing.

The purpose of the review was not to recommend a specific corridor, as it considered only technical elements of a potential sixth crossing.

These refreshed technical studies will inform any future considerations of this project. Further planning work would include an impact assessment that provides for comprehensive consultation with the public and stakeholders, as well as leveraging the results of the long-term integrated interprovincial crossing plan.

Climate Projections for the National Capital Region

The Board of Directors has received the Report on climate projections in the National Capital Region for information. The report was published on June 8, and is the result of a collaborative effort with municipal and federal partners as part of our collective efforts to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Starting in the fall, we will use these projections to evaluate risk and vulnerability. This assessment will then inform our climate change adaptation and resiliency plan.

The NCC’s climate change adaptation initiative is a key action of the Sustainable Development Strategy.

Sustainable Development Strategy: 2019-2020 Annual Report

The Board of Directors has received the Sustainable Development Strategy annual report for information.

The report shows the NCC’s steady advancement, with progress made for 31 of 36 planned actions, which include the following:

  • reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 57 percent since 2005
  • advancing its climate change adaptation initiative by acquiring climate change projections for the National Capital Region for the next 80 years
  • assessing forest cover in the National Capital Region.

In addition to ensuring that our planning efforts mitigate the effects of climate change, the Sustainable Development Strategy aims to preserve the region’s natural environment for future generations, improve access to green spaces, support sustainable transportation and foster regional food security.

Capital Illumination Plan: 2019-2020 Annual Report

The Board of Directors has received the Capital Illumination Plan annual report for information.

The report shows steady progress, with positive indicators on several planned actions, including the following.

  • November 2019: Approval of the Sparks Street Public Realm Plan, including a lighting strategy.
  • April 2020: Approval of the Parliamentary Precinct Exterior Lighting Master Plan, developed by Public Services and Procurement Canada.
  • Summer 2020: Ongoing work to revitalize the Great Lakes Fountain at the Garden of the Provinces and Territories. A new lighting system will mimic the flow of water.

The NCC’s Capital Illumination Plan is our vision for lighting the core area of the National Capital Region.

Building LeBreton

The Board of Directors has received an information update on the Building LeBreton project.

The project team is asking the City of Ottawa to amend its Secondary Plan to be aligned with the NCC’s preliminary LeBreton Flats Master Concept Plan. This will ensure efficiency and collaboration during project implementation.

When the market is ready, our project team will launch the first request to develop the Library Parcel. These lands are located at Albert and Booth streets, adjacent to the site of the future Ottawa Public Library and Library and Archives Canada joint facility.

Ombudsman: 2019-2020 Annual Report