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Thursday, January 21
10 am to 1:35 pm
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Report on Activities – January 2021

Here are the highlights presented in the CEO's Report on Activities.

Documents and summaries

Westboro Beach Pavilion and Landscape Schematic Design

The Board of Directors approved the proposed preliminary design for the Westboro Beach pavilion and landscape. It aims to improve the park amenities, access, traffic flow, shoreline views and habitats. The park will be accessible all year long.

Key features:

  • rehabilitation and extension of the James Strutt heritage building as a seasonal facility
  • construction of a new four-season high-performance building behind the Strutt Pavilion
  • replacement of the current multi-use pathway by two separated pathways: one for cyclists and one for pedestrians
  • a central lawn and picnic area, volleyball courts and a series of shoreline lookouts
  • a groomed winter trail and a tobogganing hill

The preliminary design will be detailed over the coming months as we consider feedback from stakeholders and the latest public consultation that just ended.

The project team will present the final design to the Board for approval in the fall. Construction is planned to start in spring 2022.

Nepean Point Redevelopment

The Board of Directors approved the final design for the remaining park elements of the project. Construction will begin in spring 2021. Work will include the foundation for the pedestrian bridge, the perimeter wall and the landscape ha-ha feature.

Gatineau Park Master Plan – 2021

The Board of Directors has approved the Gatineau Park Master Plan, which presents a long-term vision for the Park. The plan will be put into action over the next 10 to 15 years.

The plan’s implementation will ensure the protection of Gatineau Park’s ecological integrity, as well as offer visitors exceptional and inclusive experiences.

The plan’s four key goals are as follows:

  • Conserve nature
  • Provide recreational and cultural experiences in nature
  • Promote equitable and sustainable access
  • Foster engagement and collaboration by creating a sense of belonging and shared responsibility among Park users and stakeholders

The project team will present the final master plan to the public in February 2021.

Building LeBreton Project and Library Parcel Procurement Update

The Building LeBreton project is moving forward on many fronts.

Multi-use pathway link

We are planning for construction of a key multi-use pathway link connecting Pimisi and Bayview LRT stations with the Capital Pathway network. A public consultation on the pathway design will start Monday. Pending Board approval, we expect construction to be completed by the end of 2021.

Library Parcel development

Interested proponents have until February 8 to submit qualifications. As a next step, we will select proponents to continue the process, and will present the short list of selected proponents to the Board in April. We will then invite selected proponents to submit a proposal. We expect the Library Parcel to be ready for construction as early as 2022.

LGBTQ2+ National Monument

The Board of Directors approved the program and design guidelines for the future national LGBTQ2+ monument. The monument will be built at the intersection of Wellington Street and the Portage Bridge. This visible landmark will recognize the generations of LGBTQ2+ people in Canada. It will tell the story of those who have been persecuted, abused, dismissed and marginalized because of whom they desire and how they identify.

Claridge LeBreton Flats – East Area, Phase 4 Development

The Board of Directors approved a construction project by Claridge Homes. The project consists of two towers on the block bordered by Fleet, Lett and Lloyd streets, in the eastern section of LeBreton Flats. Claridge Homes purchased this property from the NCC in 2004.

This project will feature close to 600 residential units, commercial space and a daycare. It will also provide a high-quality and friendly public realm.

Developed Design for the Place du Portage III Asset and Workplace project – Stage 1

The Board of Directors approved Public Services and Procurement Canada’s design for stage 1 of the renewal of the Place du Portage III complex. This project aims to transform the complex from being a barrier to creating a gateway between the river and Gatineau’s historic downtown area.

The building rehabilitation will preserve heritage features, create a modern working environment and update the building to meet today’s sustainability targets and accessibility standards.

The proposed landscape design will create more places where people can meet and appreciate the views across the river to Parliament Hill.

Société de transport de l’Outaouais public transit proposal to link Gatineau’s West End to Ottawa

The Board of Directors received a presentation on the alignment of the Société de transport de l’Outaouais (STO) transit system linking Gatineau’s west end with downtown Gatineau and Ottawa.

One of the options considered is an at-grade tram on Confederation Boulevard, via the Portage Bridge and along Wellington Street, in Ottawa. It fits advantageously with the public transit loop favoured by the NCC.

The NCC supports this option, in principle, provided that it

  • adheres to the Confederation Boulevard design guidelines
  • is consistent with the Parliamentary Precinct and Judicial Precinct plans, including concerns about security and access
  • address Capital interests through additional detailed studies
  • does not exclude the interprovincial transit loop concept in any way

The NCC is not opposed to a tunnel option in Ottawa, if this is the STO’s preferred approach.