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Date and time

Thursday, June 23 (online and in person)
9 am to 11:45 am
(Subject to change without notice.)


NCC Headquarters
40 Elgin Street, Room 324, Ottawa

You can also watch the NCC Board of Directors meeting via webcast on YouTube.

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Documents and summaries

Annual Report – Sustainable Development Strategy

The Board of Directors approved the Sustainable Development Strategy annual report.

The report shows the NCC’s steady advancement, with progress made on 34 of 36 planned actions. Among other things, we accomplished the following:

  • completed a climate vulnerability and risk assessment report;
  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 42 percent;
  • diverted 95 percent of the waste generated on the Rideau Canal Skateway from landfills;
  • signed a multi-year partnership with Carleton University to study the effects of roads on wildlife populations; and
  • coordinated over 300 volunteers contributing to various activities.

The Sustainable Development Strategy focuses on climate change action, building resilient infrastructure, protecting biodiversity and water quality, promoting sustainable agriculture, safe and healthy communities, and connecting Canadians with nature.

Phase 2 of the climate change adaptation initiative

With the release of a new study, the NCC has completed two of three phases of its climate change adaptation project. The climate vulnerability and risk study applied climate projections to NCC-managed assets, operations and programs. It assessed the NCC’s vulnerability to climate-related risks, including:

  • hotter and more humid summers;
  • short-duration/high-intensity and sustained precipitation events; and
  • extreme events like ice storms, freezing rain and so on.

The study found 124 potential impacts on NCC business lines. In total, 49 percent of the risks require action now, 31 percent need a plan to address the risk and 20 percent need minor controls.

These findings will guide the development of an adaptation strategy, which is the final phase of the project. The strategy will include actions to manage climate challenges. It should be completed by the end of 2023.

Forest Strategy – Implementation

Our experts presented the Board of Directors with the highlights of the Forest Strategy implementation, which include the following:

  • preparation of a study on the canopy cover;
  • development of guidelines for the protection of trees; and
  • planting of 100,000 trees by 2026.

The NCC’s Forest Strategy will improve tree conservation and maintenance practices. It also contributes to our climate change adaptation efforts.

Building LeBreton project update

The NCC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Capital Sports Development Inc. a group led by the Ottawa Senators, toward the development of a major event centre at LeBreton Flats. This initiative will bring a significant and exciting venue to one of Canada’s premier city-building projects.

CSDI is proposing to build an NHL hockey arena and events venue surrounded by mixed-use development. The project would be located on Albert Street between Preston Street and City Centre Avenue.

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