On June 21, the NCC Board of Directors met to discuss recent and upcoming projects. Here are some of the highlights presented in my Report on Activities.

Asset Maintenance

  • Two significant projects are in the works: the rehabilitation of the Hog’s Back Swing Bridge over the Rideau Canal and the replacement of the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway’s LeBreton Exit Bridge.
  • Both of these projects are to be completed in 2020.
  • The NCC has also begun a series of formal asset-condition investigations of other bridges.

Portage Bridge

  • Resurfacing and improvements to the cycling track are on schedule for this summer.
  • The NCC expects one lane to be closed in each direction while the work is going on, and will offer regular updates on the progress and traffic flow.

Emerald Ash Borer

The majority of ash trees on NCC lands have been affected by the emerald ash borer

  • In response to damage caused by the Emerald Ash Borer, over the winter the NCC had to remove 200 ash trees along a 250-metre stretch of trail at Mud Lake.
  • The NCC has since replanted 80 trees on the site.
  • To date the NCC has removed 50,000 trees in the Capital Region due to the infestation, and is replacing them in such a way that the forests will regenerate with a more resilient mixture of species.

    LeBreton Flats and the Islands

    • Work continues with the RendezVous LeBreton group toward a Master Development Agreement for LeBreton Flats.
    • Some new landscaping work and fencing is in place on Victoria Island as preliminary work leading to a remediation strategy.

    Laurier Street Monastery

    • The NCC will soon begin public and stakeholder consultations regarding potential future uses for this building and property.
    • This will also aid in the development of evaluation criteria for an eventual Request for Proposals.

    Richmond Landing

    • Phase 2 of this project — improved land access to from the Portage Bridge — is due to be completed this summer. This will increase pedestrian and cyclist safety while making the site universally accessible.
    • Richmond Landing will also become a regular stop for water taxi service.

    Ottawa River South Shore Riverfront Park

    • The final draft of the Park plan will be presented to the Board during today’s meeting.
    • The NCC will undertake public consultations regarding a name for new park.

    Gatineau Park Master Plan Renewal

    • Phase 2 of the renewal of the Gatineau Park Master Plan launched with a special session in the Urbanism Lab on April 25. More than 150 members of the public attended.
    • Public consultations followed, with workshops held in Gatineau, Ottawa, Chelsea, Pontiac, and La Pêche.
    • More than 1,000 people participated in an online survey.

    Greenbelt Visitor and Economic Impact Study

    • About 350,000 people visited during the winter season, and almost everyone — 99% – was satisfied with his or her visit.
    • 86% said they would be very likely to recommend a Greenbelt outing to family and friends.
    • 91% feel it is important that the Greenbelt be protected for current and future generations of Canadians.

    Tavern on the Falls

    • This initiative follows the success last summer of the Tavern on the Hill in Major’s Hill Park. A similar attraction will operate this summer at 50 Sussex Drive overlooking the Rideau Falls.

    Memorial to the Victims of Communism

    • Construction is scheduled to begin this summer, with completion expected in the spring of 2019.

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