Amid rising concerns about access to food, you can rest assured that your favourite local summer fruits and veggies will still be available this summer. The efforts of hard-working farmers right here in the Greenbelt are helping feed our communities.

Canada’s Capital Greenbelt is home to farms that produce a tantalizing bounty of local produce. With a community-supported agriculture (CSA) membership, it’s easy to eat fresh, local and seasonal food all summer long.

What is a CSA and how does it work?

A CSA is a partnership between you and the farmer of your choice.

Every CSA is unique, but, in general, you pay a one-time fee before the start of the growing season. Your membership gives the farmer financial security and start-up capital.

In return, you receive a weekly or biweekly food basket (delivered, or that you can pick up directly at the farm or at a given location near you) for the duration of the growing season. Now that’s a win-win situation!

Eat fresh, local and seasonal with the Greenbelt farmers

Take your pick of fresh, local produce: the Greenbelt has it all!

Urban Edge Farm

2170 Anderson Road

Urban Edge Farm is a 12-hectare (30-acre) farm nestled in the heart of the Capital Greenbelt. It features organically-grown fresh vegetables and herbs, free-range chicken eggs and a market stand in the summer. You can choose from a variety of produce when you pick up your basket.

  • What? Fresh vegetables, herbs, free-range chicken eggs and kombucha
  • When? Weekly baskets, mid-July until September (10 baskets)
  • How much? Small ($220) or large (400)
  • Where? Pickup at the farm on Friday evenings

For details or to sign up, email

Foster Family Farm

333 Cedarview Road

Foster Family Farm is a 40-year-old family business whose mission is to produce high-quality vegetables for Ottawa's residents and wholesale markets. Foster Family Farm has a private farm south of Ottawa. It also leases 27 hectares (70 acres) of land from the NCC, including a produce stand located in the western Greenbelt.

  • What? Farm-fresh seasonal vegetables and eggs (in partnership with Beking's Poultry Farm)
  • When? Weekly boxes, July to October (14 boxes)
  • How much? Single share($280), half share ($420), full share ($715)
  • Where? Pickup at the farm or at one of several drop-off locations, Monday through Friday. Delivery: Front-door delivery is available in some areas at an extra charge.

To sign up, visit

    Gees Bees Honey Company

    538 River Road

    Satisfy your sweet tooth year-round! By purchasing your share of a beehive at the start of the season, you will receive a year’s supply of honey AND help pollinate Ottawa. When you go pick up your honey, you will be invited to meet your bees and learn about the honey harvest.

    • What? A year's supply of local raw honey (twelve 500-gram jars)
    • When? At harvest time in September
    • How much? $159
    • Where? Pick up at the farm, at Camelot Golf and Country Club (Cumberland), or at Wesley Clover Parks (Kanata)

    To sign up, visit

    Mike’s Garden Harvest

    436 River Road

    Receive a bounty of fresh, local and organic fruits and vegetables with Mike’s Garden Harvest. The vegetables are grown without chemicals, artificial fertilizer or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The farm offers several flexible options, bringing the taste of the Greenbelt right to your doorstep.

    • What? Greens, vegetables, fruit
    • When? Weekly or biweekly boxes, June to October
    • How much? Half share ($220 weekly or $176 biweekly. Pickup only), full share ($360 weekly or $288 biweekly) or Mike's Max share ($650 weekly or $520 biweekly)
    • Where? Pick up at the farm or delivery on Thursdays
    Fun fact: In 2018, a fire struck one of the only two grocery stores in Iqaluit. To help this isolated community, Mike’s Garden Harvest sent 680 kilograms (1,500 pounds) of potatoes.

    To sign up, visit

    Note: Products and activities may change, depending on the season. To find out more, contact the farm directly.

    Local Producers

    Ottawa’s Greenbelt is home to a tantalizing bounty of local produce and unique experiences. Pick your own crisp apples at a historic orchard, or tap maple trees at a pioneer sugar bush. Every season, there’s something new to explore.

    The NCC recognizes the importance of agriculture as food needs grow while land and soil are becoming increasingly scarce. That’s why we are developing a strategy to integrate food and agriculture into the planning of the Capital. Learn more here.