About the project  

The park is a 5.2-hectare (12.9-acre) open space along the eastern shore of the Rideau River. The site was historically used as a landfill.  

To ensure safety for park users, sections of Kingsview Park will be closed, starting May 8, 2019, to undertake the remediation work. Environmental assessments over the past few years have revealed the following: 

  • contaminated soil is present in some sections of Kingsview Park  
  • the contaminated soil at the surface requires capping the impacted area with clean soil, as well as seeding.  

May to Spring 2020: Phase 2 

Phase 2 includes the following:  

  • Sections of Kingsview Park will be fenced to prevent access to contaminated soil, starting on May 8, 2019. 
  • The shoreline pathway and pathways connecting to it will remain open as part of this work, as will adjacent streets. 
  • Remediation work, which will be undertaken in late summer / early fall 2019, will ensure that the site, as it is currently used, will be safe from a public health and safety perspective. 
  • Capping of the soil will be carried out in contaminated areas, followed by seeding. 

Completed Shoreline Work: Phase 1

In 2016, a soil remediation and slope stabilization project was completed on the Rideau River shoreline in Kingsview Park to preserve the shoreline integrity. The work included capping contaminated soil and preserving existing vegetation.