This project was initiated because of cyclist and pedestrian safety concerns. Currently, there is no dedicated crossing for cyclists, and the intersection configuration does not allow for an upgrade to the at-grade crossing itself.

The proposed design provides a grade-separated crossing below Bank Street, adjacent to the abutment along the eastern shore of the Rideau River, greatly increasing pedestrian and cyclist safety. The proposed design also minimizes the impact to the Rideau River and the surrounding embankment.


The project will include:

  • Three-metre-wide concrete multi-use pathway below the two-year high-water mark
  • Three-metre-wide asphalt multi-use pathway above the two-year high-water mark
  • New tie-in points to the existing multi-use pathway on Riverside Drive
  • Concrete block retaining walls with limestone face texture
  • Pedestrian handrail along the full length of the retaining wall

The existing multi-use pathway at the intersection will remain in place. As the Rideau River is prone to periodic flooding, the proposed grade-separated pathway will, on occasion, need to be closed temporarily. During such flooding events, cyclists and pedestrians will be able to approach Bank Street via the existing multi-use pathway and cross at the signalized intersection.

To allow equipment and materials to be moved to and from the site, temporary lane closures may occur from time to time over the duration of the project. Construction of the multi-use pathway is anticipated to last approximately 8 to 10 weeks. Traffic disruptions on both Bank Street and Riverside Drive will be kept to a minimum.

Next Steps

Construction is expected to begin in September 2018.