NCC beaches open on Friday

Leamy Lake beach to open at a later date due to high water level

The NCC beaches in Gatineau Park will open this weekend for the summer season.

As of Friday, June 16, residents and visitors will be able to enjoy the O’Brien, Blanchet, Parent and La Pêche Lake beaches from 10 am to 6 pm. Breton Beach will open on June 23, and Smith Beach is accessible only to those staying at the Philippe Lake campground. Lifeguards will be on duty during these hours. Various facilities such as washrooms, change rooms and picnic tables are also available. 

The NCC urges beach-goers to be cautious and keep personal safety in mind. Swimmers must respect designated hours, when the beaches are supervised, and stay within the swimming areas marked by buoys.

Opening of Leamy Lake beach delayed

Leamy Lake Park is open to the public. The picnic areas, as well as the pathways are accessible. The opening of Leamy Lake beach has been delayed until a later date, due to the current high water levels. The NCC asks residents and visitors to stay off the beach until the official opening, which will be announced as soon as the conditions are safe.

Water sample testing results

Water sample tests taken on June 6, 2017, at the following beaches meet bacteriological standards for swimming. 

  • Meech Lake, Gatineau Park O’Brien and Blanchet beaches: Class A (excellent for swimming)

  • Philippe Lake, Gatineau Park Breton Beach: Class A (excellent for swimming) Parent Beaches: Class A (excellent for swimming) Smith Beach (for campers only): Class A (excellent for swimming)

  • La Pêche Lake, Gatineau Park La Pêche Lake beach: Class B (good for swimming)

  • Leamy Lake Leamy Lake beach: Class B (beach closed, water is good for swimming)

Parking fees

  • For beaches at Meech, Philippe and La Pêche lakes: $11 per automobile; $33 per mini-bus; $55 per bus; $75* for a season parking pass (*$5 fee to activate new card).

  • Leamy Lake Park: no parking fees until further notice.

The purchase of a daily parking pass for Gatineau Park beaches also includes parking at the Mackenzie King Estate and Leamy Lake beach.

Canoes, kayaks and other non-motorized boats are available for rent at both Philippe and La Pêche lakes.  

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