My Summer Experience: Bringing a Turtle That Was Almost Roadkill Back to Life

Every time I mention my work conducting road mortality surveys to family or friends, they always ask me, “So, what do you do, walk around and look for dead stuff?” This, in reality, isn’t far off. But the job comes with the rewards of a bright moment.

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Eight Greenbelt farms to check out this summer

Looking to escape the city and spend some time on a local farm? Greenbelt farms offer a wide range of tastes and experiences, from picking your own fresh fruit to goat yoga sessions. You can also find a delicious assortment of vegetables, honey and locally raised meats. Our in-house farmer, Robin Turner, recommends checking out these eight Greenbelt farms this summer:

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Building a publishing culture through content strategy

In the fifth grade I decided I wanted to be the editor-in-chief of a magazine. Over the years, I haven’t veered far from this path. Creating compelling content and building a publishing culture is something that has always been the foundation of my approach as a strategic communicator.

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