As the official gardener of Canada’s Capital, the NCC is responsible for designing the beds and planting close to one million tulips of 100 varieties, in 100 flower beds, across 30 different locations. The most spectacular display of tulips is in Commissioners Park by Dows Lake, where 250,000 tulips of 60 different varieties bloom in the park’s 30 flower beds.

Tulip Bloom Indicator

Most tulips have faded, making way for other spectacular floral displays.

''World Friendship'' Tulip

In spring 2018, working with the Canadian Tulip Festival’s theme “A World of Tulips,” the National Capital Commission (NCC) showcased the “World Friendship” tulip.

This tulip, a Triumph Group mid-season tulip, is a soft creamy yellow colour — the symbolic colour of friendship — strong-stemmed and highly resistant to disease. The World Friendship tulip was developed by Professor Marcel Lenard from France in 1988.

The NCC showcased 30,000 World Friendship tulips, 5,000 of which were gifted by the Canadian Tulip Festival and planted in Commissioners Park last fall for display this spring.

More on tulips and their history

The NCC extends the tulip season by using early, mid-season and late-blooming tulips. The Google map below will help you identify the many locations of our NCC tulip beds. Then use the Tulip Meter to time your visit. To learn more about the tulip tradition and the friendship that links the Netherlands and Canada, please visit the “Tulip Legacy” Exhibit, presented by Canadian Heritage and the website of the Canadian Tulip Festival.

Discover Tulips in the Capital

The NCC, official gardener of Canada's Capital, showcases close to one million tulips in Canada's Capital Region. This map can help you identify the many locations of our tulip beds.