Remic Rapids Park

Remic Rapids Park is situated on the shores of the Ottawa River. It is located about four kilometres from Parliament Hill.

Remic Rapids Park was once a popular trading and rest area for indigenous populations and early explorers to Canada. This site provides incredible views of the river, with countless species of flora and fauna in its immediate surroundings.

The Capital’s multi-use paths pass through the park, making it an excellent starting point for exploring the Capital.

Rock Art by John Ceprano

Balanced rock sculptures

To complement the park’s beauty, artist John Felice Ceprano has created balanced rock sculptures by hand on the river’s edge since 1986. The artist uses fossilized and colourful rocks found on the shore to build these sculptures. They provide the public with a free and exploratory art experience that compliments its natural setting. Over the course of the season, Mr. Ceprano creates dozens of gravity-defying sculptures that will amaze visitors to the park.

The National Capital Commission has supported this program since 2000.



Open 7 am to 10 pm, daily


May to December 1 free parking is available at the park from 7 am to dusk (no later than 10 pm), daily. Limited parking time (2 hours) must be respected.

Picnic Areas

There are picnic areas in the park.

Universal Accessibility

The park and washroom are universally accessible.