Rideau Hall forecourt rehabilitation project

Rideau Hall is often referred to as “Canada’s House,” because it is where our Governor General welcomes the public. The number of visits to Rideau Hall is expected to swell in 2017, as residents and visitors make their way to the Capital to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Rehabilitation of the forecourt will allow Rideau Hall to accommodate more than 1,000 people for ceremonies, official functions and various public activities.

About the forecourt project

This project is the latest in a long tradition of improvements to preserve the iconic Rideau Hall. The rehabilitation work and the reconfiguration of the front entrance arrival area will focus on meeting today’s functional and ceremonial needs, including:

  • rehabilitating the Fountain of Hope, an important feature of the entrance
  • regarding the arrival area to ensure that it meets universal accessibility requirements
  • resurfacing the existing paving material
  • improving drainage
  • installing new electrical conduits and wiring, and a new lighting system

Project start: August 2, 2016

Project end: June 2017

The reconfiguration of the forecourt is being done in partnership with the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General and the Rideau Hall Foundation.

As steward of Rideau Hall, and the other five official residences in the Capital Region, the NCC takes pride in ensuring that the official residences retain their historic character while continuing to meet the evolving needs of Canadians.

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Rideau Hall’s new forecourt and Fountain of Hope inaugurated