Nogoshkodadwin Park

Design Summary

Nogoshkodadwin Park

Wesh midasi kichi midasi pipon, apitc ka isketek Champane Kichi Sagikan kagi ijnkadjigadek ki ane minokomoga I owe aki, Anishnabek ki ane tijikenaniwok oma Odawe Aki mii apitc ka biba teniziwogobonen kitci sipi kak kija kibeshiwotc. Apawomobinik kija nida adawotc, anikiwotc, kigoskewotc acitc kijaminajiskewotc.

[With the draining of the Champlain Sea around 10,000 years ago, the Ottawa Valley became habitable. For centuries, and throughout the Woodland period, the Algonquin people (Anishinaabe) have portaged through the waterways of Ottawa River (Kichi Sibi), trading, hunting, fishing, harvesting and camping.]

In 1613, three years after the passage of Étienne Brûlé, Samuel de Champlain wrote describing the waterfalls of the area and about his encounters with the Algonquin nations.

It is precisely this period which our project narrates and shapes into spaces. Digging deep into the history of the site, we imagine the sublime panoramic views and the beautiful seasonal landscapes as seen from the natural belvedere of Nepean Point. Then came the moment of encounter.

Working on such an iconic site, teeming with history and collective memory, is a great responsibility which we took on with humility and restraint.

Nogoshkodadwin Park transforms Nepean Point from a mere lookout into a vibrant and dynamic meeting space — a space at once immersed in a picturesque, romantic setting, which resembles the nation’s capital, but also reinterpreted in a contemporary vocabulary, showcasing the evolution of the city of Ottawa into the political and technological center of Canada.

As we envisioned the creation of this iconic park, we used two types of geometries, symbolizing the two cultures, in order to create a seamless connection between Nepean Point, Major’s Hill Park, and the urban context through the National Gallery of Canada.

This dichotomy of geometries meanders through the site, finds its way to the point, merges and meets at the center of the park.

The topography shapes the site and naturally molds it into multiple meeting spaces, activity areas, and seating opportunities, which look both inward at the art and the park, and outward at the awe-inspiring Ottawa River landscapes.

Immersed in a setting charged with symbolic and prominent Canadian Institutions such as the Canadian Parliament, The National Gallery of Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint, the Canadian Museum of History, the Supreme Court of Canada, the emblematic Champlain statue still commands the site at its highest point.

An event space, terraces, and seating opportunities now surrounds the statue and the belvedere, and with a temporary exhibition space, a café, and services lodged in its hull, the park is granted a sense of timelessness, and all year round use, thus enriching tremendously the visitor’s experience.

The park caters well to all the actual demands and needs of this particular urban fabric by the sublime landscapes of the Ottawa Valley, and projects and foresees future uses and connections to and from the site of Nogoshkodadwin Park.

It will provide specific facilities and programs, but is at the same time so versatile and polyvalent so as to offer all sorts of unrehearsed opportunities to the vast public.

Welcome to Nogoshkodadwin Park: Ottawa’s 21st century picturesque park, possessed of an iconic status and rich in identity.

* Nogoshkodadwin: Anishinaabe for Meeting Place – a space for people of all ages to socialize, and where informal encounters can happen.

Presentation panels

Global plan Global plan
Site plan - Nepean Point Site plan - Nepean Point
Nepean Point - Perspectives Nepean Point - Perspectives
Sections, perspectives and details Sections, perspectives and details
Site plan and perspectives - St. Patrick Street entrance Site plan and perspectives - St. Patrick Street entrance
Night perspectives and details Night perspectives and details
Site plan and perspectives - Sussex Drive entrance Site plan and perspectives - Sussex Drive entrance
Site plan, section, perspective and details - Bridge to Major Hill Park Site plan, section, perspective and details - Bridge to Major Hill Park

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