Kingsview Park Shoreline: Contaminated Soil Remediation

The NCC completed a soil remediation and stabilization project on the Rideau River shoreline in Kingsview Park to preserve the shoreline integrity and ensure the health and safety of residents and the surrounding environment.

The park is a 5.2-hectare (12.9-acre) open space along the eastern shore of the Rideau River, between St. Patrick Street and Montreal Road. The site was historically used as a landfill. Environmental assessments over the past few years revealed that

  • contaminates were present on exposed surfaces along the Rideau River shoreline
  • the exposed areas of landfill debris and ash along the shoreline should be covered to prevent exposure and further erosion

About the project

The work included the following:

  • A 50- to 100-millimetre-thick filter layer was installed to cap the exposed contaminated soil.
  • A layer of granular material was installed to stabilize the existing slope, and discourage people from digging through the filter layer into the contaminated soil.
  • Granular material was applied around all existing trees larger than 50 millimetres in diameter.
  • Small shrubs and saplings were cut 300 millimetres above the existing grade to encourage regeneration.
  • All vegetation larger than 50 millimetres was preserved.

The project is now complete and the pathway is fully open.