The Log Farm

In 2017, the Log Farm was part of the NCC’s Confederation Pavilions in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary as the Pioneer Pavilion.

About the Log Farm

Built in the mid-1850s, the house and its outbuildings were constructed of the logs from trees felled when the land was cleared. In the house, the kitchen was the main living space where, even in early days, a cast iron stove provided heat and a fire for cooking. A second storey was added in 1861 to house an expanding family.

Abraham and Matilda Bradley raised a large family in this house in the 1860s and ’70s, as they cleared the land for timber and eventually moved from mixed farming to livestock farming. The family sold the homestead in the early 20th century, and the NCC acquired it in 1966, as part of the new Greenbelt.

Today, the farm is operated by the Orr Family.

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