Winter Pavilion

In 2017, this building was part of the NCC’s Confederation Pavilions in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary as the Winter Pavilion.

About the Dairy Building

The Dairy Building was constructed in 1895 and was originally a service building. It was one of several improvements to agriculture that Governor General Lord Aberdeen brought to Rideau Hall. A variety of dairying activities were carried out in the building:

  • milk from Rideau Hall’s cows was collected, stored and cooled;
  • cream was separated; and
  • butter and cheese were produced.

Later, it was used by Governor General Lord Alexander as a painting studio.

The architecture of the building, with its octagonal shape and decorative cupola, is distinctive, and the NCC has preserved it as part of Canada’s cultural history. The Dairy Building was designated a Government of Canada Recognized Federal Heritage Building in 1987.

We restored the Dairy Building at Rideau Hall, and gave it new life as the Winter Pavilion.

Contact Information
Phone: 613 991 4422

Today, the Winter Pavilion is used by the skaters and visitors of Rideau Hall.