Shaping Hungary: Design in the 21st Century & Re:InSitu:Canada150

Shaping Hungary: Design in the 21st Century

A significant chapter of Hungary’s most recent history is  occupied by tools and procedures which have achieved worldwide fame by spreading in many countries and are still in use today. The ball-point pen, known as “biro” (László Bíró, 1938), the Rubik’s Cube (Ernő Rubik, 1975) and the Neumann architecture, the basis of all modern computers (János Neumann, 1945) are only a few of the ideas which burst out of the heads of Hungarian inventors, industrial designers and engineers — and propagate Hungarian creativity all over the world. In the 21st century, science and innovation form a solid bridge spanning generations and nations reaching into the future, to which Hungary adds its building blocks. The exhibition titled Shaping Hungary – Design in the 21st Century showcases the ideas and projects of today’s young Hungarian industrial designers, inventors, and engineers confirming that they are worthy successors of the 20th century generation which laid the foundations of Hungarian creativity.

More information and a complete list of activities: Canada Hungary 150

Re:InSitu:Canada150 - An Exhibition of Canadian-Hungarian Artists

This unprecedented multimedia project showcases the works of over 40 Canadian-Hungarian artists, highlighting the important role that visual artists of Hungarian descent have played within Canada’s multicultural tapestry. Among the participants are artists who have won Canada’s highest cultural distinctions and artists who have made significant cultural contributions within their communities.  The exhibition has received high acclaim as it toured museums in Hungary. Since then, it has successfully been featured in numerous public and private venues across Canada. As we celebrate Canada 150 in Ottawa CHAC (Canadian-Hungarian Artists’ Collective) is pleased to include a selection of HuVAC artists (Hungarian Visual Artists of Canada). We invite you to view this multifaceted exhibition which includes fi lm and video screenings and multimedia two and three dimensional artworks.

In addition, the Embassy of Hungary is proud to introduce our visitors to the flavours of Hungarian gastronomy, as well as to the thousand-year-old Hungarian culture, via several music and dance performances. The Embassy organises special events to highlight the link between Hungary and Canada and the many contributions of Hungarians and Canadians of Hungarian origin to the development of Canada.

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September 30 to October 28, 2017

  • Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm
  • Thursday, 10 am to 7 pm


The International Pavilion, 7 Clarence Street, Ottawa

For more information, contact the Embassy of Hungary: 613-230-9614