Global Centre for Pluralism

In 2017, this building was part of the NCC’s Confederation Pavilions in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary as the Global Pluralism Pavilion.

Global Pluralism Pavilion

About 330 Sussex Drive

Around the turn of the 20th century, the Government of Canada created a number of new federal institutions to increase Ottawa’s prestige as a capital city. Among them was a new Public Archives, built in 1906 at 330 Sussex Drive. The Public Archives moved to a new facility in 1967, and the building served as the Canadian War Museum until 2005.

Federal designers looked to the past for inspiration, and chose the Tudor Gothic architectural style. The building was designated a Government of Canada Classified Federal Heritage Building in 1987, and has been a National Historic Site of Canada since 1990.

Today, the building is the global headquarters for the Global Centre for Pluralism.

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