Sustainable Development Strategy, 2018–2023

The NCC Sustainable Development Strategy is our road map to continue building a greener Capital Region.

In 2009, the NCC launched its first corporate environmental strategy, Building a Greener Capital, which contained ambitious targets for environmental action in five areas:

  • reducing waste
  • protecting biodiversity
  • preventing pollution
  • leading in environmental practices
  • combatting climate change

This strategy is currently in a process of renewal, as it expired in March 2018.

Draft Sustainable Development Strategy, 2018–2023

The draft NCC Sustainable Development Strategy, 2018–2023, provides a focused and innovative agenda for environmental leadership in Canada’s Capital Region that ensures the integration of environmental and social perspectives into daily decision making. It reflects the NCC’s commitment to working with its partners, stakeholders and the public to continue building a greener and more sustainable Capital Region together.

It also serves as an overarching element to be included in all NCC plans, strategies and policies to help shape tangible action and lasting impacts. It aligns with three important federal and international initiatives: the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy, the Greening Government Strategy and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

This strategy will be launched in September 2018.

Public and Stakeholder Consultations

The NCC recognizes that creating sustainable communities requires collaboration across political and geographical boundaries, as well as knowledge and expertise from various disciplines.

In June and November 2017, and in May 2018, the NCC consulted with staff, the general public, and stakeholders from federal departments, municipalities, non-governmental organizations and community organizations to gather their ideas regarding the goals of the new strategy.