NCC Farmland for Rent: Eastern Greenbelt, south of Navan Road

General description

We have farmland available to rent in the eastern Greenbelt. There are a total of 431.1 acres (174.5 hectares) of land, with 386.5 acres (156.4 hectares) of cultivable lands. These farmlands are located south of Navan Road. The majority of these lands are Class 2 and Class 3 tile-drained lands, and they were previously cash cropped (corn and soy beans). There are no buildings associated with these lands.

Agricultural lands

  • Total area: 431.1 acres (174.5 hectares)
  • Cultivable lands: 386.5 acres (156.4 hectares)
  • Soil type: Primarily Class 2 and Class 3 tile-drained soils

Farmland rental rate:           $34,777.00/year ($2,898/month) plus taxes

Farmland property taxes:    $4,281.44/year ($357/month) (2017 rates)

The rental rate is conditional upon Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) qualification.

Closing date for applications: February 28, 2018