The Well-Being of Wet Beings

With some 50 lakes, ponds, streams, wetlands and bogs, Gatineau Park provides a high-quality living environment for amphibians, such as salamanders, toads and frogs.

This summer, meet at Blanchet Beach at Meech Lake, and discover the fascinating world of the amphibians of Gatineau Park, through games and activities for the whole family.

The emphasis will be on frogs. They are easy to observe, and very well adapted to their environment. You will learn why the quality of their environment is of utmost importance, as well as how you can help protect them.

This 60-minute, bilingual workshop is for members of the general public of all ages.

Reservations are not required, and the number of participants is not limited.


Every Sunday from July 9 to August 27, at 2:30 pm


Note: There is a vehicle access fee of $11 per car at Blanchet Beach.


Parking lot P13 at Blanchet Beach
Meech Lake, Gatineau Park

Information 819-827-2020 | 1-866-456-3016 (toll-free)