Category: Urbanism Labs

The Capital and the Healthy 10-Minute Neighbourhood

My name is Stan Leinwand, and I’m a senior planner at the NCC. I’m also responsible for coordinating our Urbanism Lab series where, each month, leaders, experts and members of the public can share knowledge and ideas about how to build a great capital.

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Future Cities: A focus on human-centred urbanism enabled by technology

I became involved in Sidewalk Labs in 2015 —before there was any idea of the project coming to Toronto. I participated in a think tank in New York that was made up of urbanists and technologists who came together to brainstorm and explore the potential of new technology to make city life better.

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Imaging the City

New technologies are changing the way we imagine and understand the urban environment. On December 4, NCC’s Urbanism Lab teamed up with Carleton University’s Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism to explore new dimensions of visualization in urbanism, landscape and design.

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