Category: Recreational Activities

7 spots for a lunch break picnic

As our hot summer days become numbered, many of us are looking for opportunities to spend a little more time outdoors. Why not leave your air-conditioned office behind for the lunch hour and have a picnic? Here are our top spots for a lunch break picnic.

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Winter activities in Gatineau Park

When I think of winter in Gatineau Park, the first word that comes to mind is “magical.” Ten years ago, when I left my native France, I never dreamed that winter could be this magnificent and spectacular. Today, I’m proud to be working for a conservation park like Gatineau Park.

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7 Greenbelt activities to add to your bucket list

Every time I visit Canada’s Capital Greenbelt, I create new memories. It’s a place where people are able to connect with nature, their loved ones and our nation’s capital. One of my goals at the NCC is to make the Greenbelt a place where shared stories and experiences create lasting memories.

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