Category: Plan for Canada's Capital

Why Capital Cities are Best Positioned to Become Smart Cities

Earlier this year I spoke at a Library and Archives Canada conference on the topic of smart cities. This conference was timely for the NCC as we recently launched the Plan for Canada’s Capital 2017-2067 which for the first time seeks to address the future of Canada’s Capital region as a smart city.

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Our Capital Identity at Night

If you watched any of the Senators’ games during the recent NHL playoffs, you may have seen the helicopter flyby over the Capital at night. It was hard to tell from those views what the current lighting approach prioritizes. Changing the way our capital is lit will greatly impact our identity, and serve as a nighttime guide for visitors.

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The NCC took the first step in a 50-year transformation of the Capital

I was pleased to officially introduce the Plan for Canada’s Capital, 2017-2067 to Canadians on May 9, and now to launch the NCC’s new blog with this post regarding the plan.

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