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7 spots for a lunch break picnic

As our hot summer days become numbered, many of us are looking for opportunities to spend a little more time outdoors. Why not leave your air-conditioned office behind for the lunch hour and have a picnic? Here are our top spots for a lunch break picnic.

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National Capital Commission seeking feedback on draft plan for the Ottawa River South Shore Riverfront Park Plan

The NCC is developing a plan to reconnect people with the historic Ottawa River by increasing accessibility to its shorelines. Canada’s Capital sits at the confluence of the Ottawa, Gatineau and Rideau rivers. The Ottawa River South Shore Riverfront Park Plan will cover nine kilometres of parkland along the Ottawa River, between LeBreton Flats in the east and Mud Lake to the west.

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150 remarkable trees in the National Capital Region

I’ve spent my career managing parks of national significance. In my current role at the NCC, I’m responsible for the care and maintenance of more than 15 urban parks in the National Capital Region. What I like most about our urban parks is that they are home to hidden gems that tell a rich story of our culture and history. I also enjoy playing a part in making these spaces attractive and accessible to all.

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