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My Summer Experience: Bringing a Turtle That Was Almost Roadkill Back to Life

Every time I mention my work conducting road mortality surveys to family or friends, they always ask me, “So, what do you do, walk around and look for dead stuff?” This, in reality, isn’t far off. But the job comes with the rewards of a bright moment.

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Science in the Greenbelt

As an environmental program officer at the NCC, I explore and study some of the most well-preserved natural areas in the National Capital Region. I have always been passionate about conserving natural spaces — and sharing that passion for the natural world with others. Beginning from when I was quite young, I was constantly curious about what was drumming in the woods (ruffed grouse!), why that frog did not jump (because it was a toad!) and how that raccoon knew which neighbourhood has garbage day (still don’t know!).

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Harmful Plants in the Capital

I am the environmental strategy officer for the National Capital Commission. My job involves working closely with colleagues to protect biodiversity in the National Capital Region, and to ensure the health and safety of residents and visitors.

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