A capital is a shared place and a shared responsibility. As a creative partner, the NCC promotes and contributes to excellence in development and conservation, to strengthen the distinctive quality of Canada’s Capital Region for Canadians and international visitors. 

The NCC encourages creativity and innovation in everything it does. This means building strong relationships with people and organizations throughout the region and across the country, including local municipalities and Indigenous communities. 

To foster dialogue and innovation in the planning and stewardship of the Capital, the NCC created the Capital Urbanism Lab, where lectures, events and public consultations take place on a regular basis.

Municipal Partners in Canada’s Capital Region

Canada’s Capital Region includes 13 municipalities, the largest of which are Ottawa and Gatineau. As one of the largest owners and managers of land in Canada’s Capital Region, the NCC collaborates with the region’s municipalities on many issues, including urban planning, safe and active transportation, and property and land stewardship.

Indigenous Communities

The NCC works closely with indigenous communities in Canada’s Capital Region, in particular the Algonquin First Nation. Major Algonquin communities include:

In addition to collaboration on archaeology and cultural heritage projects, the NCC engages in regular dialogue with indigenous communities on major development projects in the region.

A Selection of Key Collaborations and Partnerships

Canada's Capital Cities Organization

Canada's Capital Cities Organization (CCCO) includes representatives from Canada’s national, provincial and territorial capitals. Its goal is to foster an exchange of ideas among participants from different parts of the country. The CCCO provides opportunities for representatives — and capitals — to share their skills and to combine efforts to promote capital cities, both culturally and economically.

Capitals Alliance

The Capitals Alliance is a global forum for planners and urban designers in capital cities around the world. Through Capitals Alliance, planners exchange ideas and solutions with international colleagues on the unique challenges facing national capitals.

Ottawa Tourism

Ottawa Tourism is a private, not-for-profit, membership-based organization that promotes tourism in Ottawa and the region.

Outaouais Tourism

Outaouais Tourism is a private, not-for-profit organization that encourages tourism in Gatineau, the Outaouais and the region.

Other Partners and Collaborators

In addition to these key partners, the NCC also collaborates with other Government of Canada departments and agencies, as well as with national and international organizations and associations.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, contact our Marketing and Partnerships team.